Primary Focus: Environmental, Resource & Development Economics

I am interested in the relationship between energy & natural resource endowments and economic outcomes including growth, migration, the environment, and public policy. Natural resources play an important role in the development process of poor countries, and this is increasingly the case for rich ones as well. From an empirical standpoint, this research is rewarding and informative as variation in resource wealth is exogenously determined. I am also interested in analyzing a variety of economic problems using experimental methods, especially those related to non-market valuation or public policy. 

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Recent Publications:

Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution: Comment (American Economic Review) View
Fata Morganas in Oil-Rich, Institution-Poor Economies (Resources policy) View
The (Uneven) Spatial Dispersion of the Bakken Shale Boom (Land Economics) View
Corporate Apology for Environmental Damage (Journal of Risk and Uncertainty) View
The Long Run Vanity of Prudhoe Bay (Resources Policy) View
Referendum Under Oath (Environmental & Resource Economics) View
There Will Be Blood: Crimes Rates in Shale-Rich U.S. Counties (Journal of Environmental Economics & Management) View


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