Primary Focus: Applied Micro, Environmental, Resource & Development Economics

I am an applied micro economist interested in the relationship between the natural environment and human outcomes. I am also interested in behavioral economics and use experimental methods to analyze issues related to public policy, social pressure, charitable giving, and beyond.

In 2019 I was named the recipient of the UAA Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research/Creative Activity for “making outstanding and significant impacts to my field of study and to UAA through research, engagement or creative activities”.

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Recent Publications:

Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution: Comment (American Economic Review) View
Fata Morganas in Oil-Rich, Institution-Poor Economies (Resources policy) View
The (Uneven) Spatial Dispersion of the Bakken Shale Boom (Land Economics) View
Corporate Apology for Environmental Damage (Journal of Risk and Uncertainty) View
The Long Run Vanity of Prudhoe Bay (Resources Policy) View
Referendum Under Oath (Environmental & Resource Economics) View
There Will Be Blood: Crimes Rates in Shale-Rich U.S. Counties (Journal of Environmental Economics & Management) View


In the Media: